Million Dollar Bridal Skin

Million Dollar Bridal Skin


Planning a wedding is so stressful from finding the "Dress" wedding venue, cars, photographer, Hair and Makeup etc people forget to think about their SKIN.

On your wedding day everyone is going to be looking at you. 

Every bride "Glows" on their wedding day, but if you want to stand out from the rest you need to get on our POWERHOUSE skin care plan. There are Three plans available.

The Perfect Bride £500

(6 Months Before Wedding)

Week 1 - Million Dollar Facial

Week 4- Miracle Mask

Week 8 - Million Dollar Facial 

Week 12 - Miracle Mask 

Week 16 - Million Dollar Facial

Week 20- Miracle Mask 

The Princess Bride £350 

(7week Plan)

Week 1 - Million Dollar Facial

Week 3 - Miracle Mask

Week 4 - Miracle Mask

Week 5 - Million Dollar Facial 

Week 7 - Miracle Mask

Hopefully nobody would leave it this last minute but you can have an intense course over the space of 2 weeks to make sure you are "Glowing”

Fashionably Late Bride £150 (2 week plan)

2 1/2 weeks before the wedding Million Dollar Facial. 

3 days before the wedding - Miracle Mask.

Each treatment in itself give AMAZING results but the combination of these treatments together are PHENOMENAL!

Please message me for more info!

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